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Kay Wise, President and Consulting Director of TheWiseChoice.com has been processing information since she added page numbers to her Mother Goose book and indexed her favorite nursery rhymes. She has managed information projects since 1974, including estimating the work effort and managing a $14,000,000 on- time under -budget ERP software implementation.

Dr. Ken Wise, has been analyzing the impact of global politics since age ten when he began reading National Geographic, Time Magazine and accompanied his father, Rev. W. Gilbert Wise, in the resettlement of refugees from Northern Europe after World War II. Ken taught International Relations and Political Science at Creighton University for 40 years

Following Ken's career in Political Science and Kay's career in information systems, They are now retired and sharing what they've learned . Click here to read https://PositivePolitics.net . The Power of Positive Politics.

Together Kay and Ken are visionaries of extraordinary scope. In 1983, six years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Ken asked the U.S. Secretary of State for European Affairs how the U.S. planned to help stabilize Russia once the Soviet Union fell apart. His question was so far in front of the thinking of the time that the listener asked the question to be repeated twice and even then was at a loss to answer. Twenty years later the U.S. was still paying the salaries of Russian generals and nuclear scientists to "help stabilize Russia"

Kay savors life and moves from one area of expertise to another. She has managed dozens of information technology projects and designed human and software systems. She is trained in the Weinberg school of Quality Software Development, in the Software CMM (Capability Maturity Model) and in Six Sigma. But her greatest strength is her organizational creativity. Below is what one corporate executive wrote after working with Kay:

.... Clearly one of the strengths ... included your ability to think through a situation and make excellent recommendations.... ideas or issues the rest...might not consider.

Ken teaches politics and has been mentoring students via the political simulations since 1967. Below is what one corporate executive wrote many years after studying with Dr. Ken Wise.

On a more personal note, I want to thank you for challenging me throughout my days at Creighton .... I always admired you for your own brilliance and the way you stimulated my critical thinking."

After spending several years as an artist Kay has recently returned to writing, and consulting on information management projects. Elsewhere on the site you can see some of her paintings and her family history book, Our Danish Heritage: The Life of Johanna Pedersen Jacobsen.

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