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Dr. Kenneth L Wise, associate professor  Department of Political Science and International Relations, Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska, is taking extended leave to live and work in Dubai, U.A.E.  Dr Wise is  former chair of the department and former director of Creighton's graduate program in international relations.

Dr.  Wise specializes in foreign policy and global political issues. He is a recipient of college awards for excellence in advising and as an outstanding faculty member. In 1991, he received the Graduate College's Burlington Northern award for teaching excellence, and in 1992 received the Creighton University Distinguished Service Award. 

Wise has presented papers recently at international conferences on problems in NATO strategy, on global studies,  paradigm disputes, and on the concept of global citizenship. In recent years he has lectured and researched at NATO Headquarters in Brussels and several universities and think tanks in Central and Western Europe.

In 1990, Wise edited Implications of German Unification for Future All-European Security, published by NATO.  His book on crisis management simulations has been used and published by  the Atlantic Council of the U.S.

In 1997, Dr. Wise personally interviewed Chinese leaders and scholars to learn their views on global strategic relations and presented a resulting paper to the Council of Europe.

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